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Monday, 24 April 2017

Mallorca April 2016 Part 3

Just some more photos from the last part of my trip to Majorca I thought I had better get these in before my impending trip back , this year going when last year I was coming back , so should be plenty to see .

19th April 2016

I looked for snakes especially early morning hoping they would be out in the
 open getting some warmth ,but these where the only ones I saw , with also one in the water ,not even sure how many are involved in this , and the size difference between them is great . Must say though after this  I was not keen to go into the long grass especially with shorts on , although they would probably be gone long before I stood on one .

Some stunning Flowers to be found you don't have to know there names to enjoy them .

These Cory's just visible from the shore , just to far for my bins , a scope would have been handy

 Looking over to the Lighthouse at Formentor
 Some very interesting Flowers to be found
 This is the path below the Arta mountains

  Cattle e Egrets heading to roost from the platform at the Sewage works
Just missed this plane passing the moon from the platform

20th April 2016

Early run to Formentor  before the crowds

 The hire car at one of the viewpoints it was packed on the way back

 Blue Rock Thrush it was distant , but then they always are

 Looking back to Puerto Pollensa

 ended the day back at S'Albufera this Stone Curlew just by one of the hides

21st April 2016

Why does this adult not just fly away instead of putting up with this , and what is going on anyway ?

22nd April 2016

 Looks like a Volcano erupting in the distance ,if so that's Puerto Pollensa gone !
  A visit to the Arta Mountains area , fantastic scenery and a good walk (long )

 Egyptian Vulture was a surprise, it circled around a few times but was not easy to lock onto

  Tawny pipit

 Red Kite one of several
 Tawny pipit signing from the tower
 Spotted and Pied Flycatchers down by the carpark
23rd April 2016

Another of my frequent visits to S'Albufera  a fantastic place ever changing its huge by our standards and takes some getting around

This Terrapin either practising to swim or just getting some rays !
  Cetti's warblers obliging at times byt takes patience to hang around , you just get your eye on one when noisy tourists send it back into deep cover .

 This one sat above me for ages signing but mostly with it's head turned away from me , then a sly look as if to taught me

Got my Snake eye in and found a few .

 Cattle Egret taking nesting material , they nest just out of the extent of visitor limit , perhaps just as well.
 It's not just the hoards of cyclists, to avoid this Scooter rally must be well over a 100 bikes .
24th April 2016

Took the morning off from birding to watch this Triathlon start  , not like the Uk where there is plenty safety cover for the swimmers , here the back markers where just left to get on with it .

 This trip I had quite a few Swallow Tails most just flashed past this one I tracked till it settled .

 Orchids a plenty , but also many species had long gone over .

Very distant Roller , picked up by the other half  with her usual comment "theres something on the wire over there "

Stunning Orchids , Flowers and insects , plenty to photograph .

 Two Hoopoes near a couple of Kestrels
 Black tailed Skimmer

25th April

Not sure what some of these insects are just lok

 Although I heard a few Turtle Doves in various places this is the only one I saw it's sunning itself  in amongst the branches

  Cattle Egrets in amongst the horses and Flowers whats not to like , there hoping the grazing horse puts up insects for them .
 Thousands , and I mean Thousands of Orchids in this field , no doubt one year I will visit top find it build on !!

 Bee-eaters where often around a lot you just heard overhead , most of the flights shots I took ended up deleted

26th April 2016

The sewage works where if you have not been is well worth a visit , no access to the works but a platform gives you some good views over the pools that hold various wildfowl and waders , A Feruginous Duck  around this year as where a couple of Pratincoles
 Flight shots of the Pratincoles  where all rubbish I just include this to show it with Swifts in the background

 Little Bittern in the same spot but could not get a good view
 Distant Great Reed

27th April

 Purple Heron on the walk up the track to the reserve
 The very obliging Great Reed near the pool by the mound .

 Great Reed again the one by the pool , (apparently its back again this year 2017 )
 A pair of Stone Curlews I just love these , and there call is something else !!

 More from the Cetti's

 Nightingale giving great views , I was just praying nobody would come along and spook it .

Ive given up editing photos now its just crop and post , I take far too many to do anything other and will do exactly the same this year can't wait . 
Still got my photos from Corfu and   Bulgaria to post yet .

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