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Monday, 11 May 2015

Majorca 2015 part two

Second part of my visit to Majorca April 2015 mosat of these are taken at Albufera Reserve 
 Little Egret just below the hide it just stood and picked up fish ,it must have been a good spot as it chased anything that came near
 Up to 15 Spotted Redshank most  just coming into Summer Plummage
 Black winged Silt very common at the reserve ,nevertheless brilliant watching there constant fighting and chasing
 This Nightingale had favourite spots to sing from and at one stage it hopped around the ground just near where I was having lunch
 Several Ospreys present
 Several pairs of Little Ringed Plover

Spotted Redshank

As you would expect the waterways have some large and plentiful supply of fish that atracts the Osprey

Red Crested Pochard another common bird 

 This Purple Heron was along at the end of a small canal it had a very large Snake not sure if it ate it or just let it go as to much trouble
 If it ate the Snake it did so very quickly as I did not capture it  .these taken with the SX50 at max, as the 400 lens would just not reach
 The usual thing I do with Cettis is try to catch them in heavy undergrowth but patience and early morning wouldsee them feeding on the ground in the open
 Another one just voff a quiet path feeding along the edge
 Two Spotted Redshank having a serious fight for some time

 Heavy crop of Moustached Warbler  I saw it and heard it sing several times but it never came even remotely close
 Another Orchid from just at the Roadside
 Gull-Billed Tern the only one I saw

Wood Sand piper down at the sewage works 
Red Crested Pochard with several young

 Only  a few Night Heron seen and this the only one photographed
These Fish where about 2` 6" to 3` long 

One of two Temmincks Stints at the sewage works also had ,Little Stints and Curlew Sandpiper

Monday, 27 April 2015

Majorca 2015

Just a few shots of my recent visit to Majorca I have just selected a few at random and most are just as taken , spent most of my time at Son Real, Abufera, Boquer Valley area as much looking for flowers especially Orchids of which I found 8 species but considering there are 60 its just over 10% ,but hey I can always go back !
We based ourselves at Can Picafort its heavily patronised by the Germans so you would be better to brush up on your German as Spanish , the reserve at  Albufera ia walkable from here but you would only want to do it once  as is the deck at San Bosc and Son Real , buses where a bit hit and miss this early in the season but very reasonably priced a trip to the reserve is 1.55 Euro , I like to walk so we walked to Son Real twice ,the reserve once , Son Bosc  3 times and around the reserve path once .
Some reasonable numbers of waders around despite it apparently being quiet , Spotted Redshanks , Wood Sandpipers, Ruff, Common Sandpipers , Little Ringed Plovers , and Kentish Plovers  ,  Greenshanks  with a couple of Little Stints , Temminck's  Stints  , and Collared Pratincoles  and large numbers of Black Winged Stilt . Reading what had passed over the Island while  I was there was rather impressive though I had made the decision not to hire a car and chase all over the place  after birds  
Audouin's Gull 
 Orchids, some are in huge numbers these we only found a couple of plants
Several Tortoise  where encountered , I did not even know they had them  1
 Climbers up the edge of Boquer Valley I did see much here and still have to find Balearic Warbler

Little Egrets although fantastic don't have the magic they once had, with frequent sightings around my home now a sight I never thought I would see   !!!
 Absolute carpets of flowers another reason to go earlier this year , this is White Star of Bethlehem  which grows like daisy do in England
 This is about 4 "  long only found the one
 First Encounter with the Golden Eagle , various stories of it's origin
An Epic bus trip to Port Soller , which held hundreds of Yellow Legged  Gulls , but the vast number of cyclists on the way up the steep mountain roads  meant the journey seemed to take forever , and it's no easier coming back down as they are going some pace and in packs , another reason I did not fancy driving 

 Cuber Dam
Most of the Flowers I came across  I as yet have no idea as to their names , but I can still enjoy them

 A few Marbled Ducks around the first week but only one on the second
Saw plenty of Bee-Eaters  but they where always distant , I love there bubbly call as they fly over
 Only found about 5 species of |Butterffly dispite it being to us very warm , and dragonflies only noticed in the last couple of days
 Audouin's  Gulls seen only along the coast a very smart Gull with a distinct call

Many of the |Bee Orchids seem very similar so I took lots of photos to help ID
 You just can't capture the sheer mass of Flowers I have never seen a meadow like this in the UK . the Cattle Egret just to give it some scale
 Encounter 2 with the Golden Eagle I did get a couple of shots of Marsh Harrier mobbing it showing the huge size differance

A lot of the Orchids had gone over in the strong sunlight so finding some fresher blooms was harder
 This Bee on a Mirror Bee Orchid  which once you got your eye in was found in the thousands
 I don't really have the photographic gear for Botany , one guy had screens , flash and tripod set up , this one looks stunning when you get down to it's level

 Several sightings of Tortoise encountered one only a couple of inches long amazing