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Saturday, 19 March 2016

Great White Egret

The Great White Egret at Bothal Pond  presented no problems as I pulled it there it was just along the edge of the pool with just a couple of observers there also , they soon left and it was strange standing there alone with such a one time mega bird ,it still is a mega bird but sightings are more regular now  and it's the sort of rarity you could easily find for yourself . So I enjoyed it all to myself as it wandered around the pond edge then hopped over the fence to the north end .
 The bird had a drooping feather in flight it looked either the innermost primary or outermost secondary , not sure if it's moult or damage .

  Called in at castle Island on the way past but nothing of note the water level fairly low .
Also stopped at the quayside River Blyth   Red Throated Diver not far off the side of the river but just to far away in the non accessible area , three or four Guillemots with a couple of dead birds on the tideline . The Tall ship has a new berth taking off more of the jetty access so you cant see down to the piers as well .

A Couple of short videos of the bird feeding , the sound needs to muted to drown out traffic etc: you can see it paddling its feet to try and disturb fish