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Friday, 30 July 2010

Newbiggin,Cresswell,East Chevington.

A run through o Newbiggin to check out the Med Gulls ,soon located some sitting on the rocks with one group of 5 another with colour ring and a Juvenile ,with a few others on the beach ,12 in total which is about average for what I see ,although reports of 25 have been made, a single Whinbrel over .
On to Cresswell I Greenshank, 1Copmmon Sandpiper,18Dunlin ,160 Lapwing & 2 Whimbrel over looking to settle but moving on.
East Chevington plenty of Terns but no Roseate, a smart Summer Little Gull, 1 Black Tailed Godwit,I Greenshank. Down on the beach mainly Common Terns , a few Sandwich and a single Roseate Tern adult, a Arctic Skua buzzed them and harried the Terns out at sea before heading off, again Whimbrel over with 4 calling high up.

Lots of Harebells out now.
I have put the photos in the wrong order you would think I would know how to do it by now

Juvenile Med Gull as it moves out

Juvenile Med Gull probably already a few weeks old.
Adult Med 3L47
Five Med Gulls in this group.

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Banded Demoiselles.....25-7-2010

On Sunday we had a walk along the Wansbeck in search of Banded Demoiselles ,another dull day with the occasional ray of sunshine but I was not to hopeful, very few Butterflies around those that where ,all whites, most male BD hiding in the grass or perched along the river edge ,took us awhile to find a female, after the rain the sun came out and immediately so did the males always defending their best spot and looking for a mate
I would love to be able to take super close-ups of insects they are so fascinating .
This one was struggling on its side for some reason, it sat on my hand happily and I think with the aid of the heat from my hand it eventually flew off .

2 2 Spots ,I think one is trying to get over the other .........................
I spotted this male some way off as it tried to lift with the female ,but she was not having it and gripped onto the leaf trying to mate there and then, eventually they parted and she lay on the ground cleaning and recomposing herself, notice how articulate the joints or segments are

Fighting for best position, 2 males after chasing each other ,which is all that usually happens ,ended up locked together and it looked like one was trying to drown the other.
I will put lots more shots and some video on my Dragonfly Blog when I get them sorted

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Monday, 26 July 2010

Thornley, Kibblesworth ,Big Waters & banks

Friday the 23rd I called back at Thornley Woods area to get some close ups of the White letter Hairstreaks if showing, it was a bright and at times sunny early morning 8-10 Small Tortoiseshell and 3 Comma all taking advantage of the sun as was the Hairstreaks with 5 on show so I had the shots replaced that I had lost with the CF card packing in.
I went over to Kibblesworth Brickworks site now a reclaimed landfill site ,but by the time I found it I was losing the sun a bit ,checked out the Purple Hairstreak area 3-4 where showing but only at the tree tops, so as the sun went in again I headed down to the pond an open area getting probably full sun all day , Emperor on the wing and settled briefly, Four Spot Chaser lots of Common Darter and a few Ruddy Darter I was expecting much more but the day did not produce.
Not wanting to get stuck in heavy traffic I headed for Big Waters but also little here, next stop banks Pond 2 Emperor, 2 Four Spot Chaser one a female laying, several Ruddy Darter, last stop Belasis Bridge 3-4 Male Banded Demoiselle but only hidden in the vegetation, I gave it an hour as it looked as if the sun was going to break out ,it did but only when I got home ,still a few beers in the garden to end the day.........Dragonfly & Butterfly watching are so reliant on the weather it's hard work here in the North-east

Common Darter hardening it's wings
Ruddy darter
Emperor alights but at some distance
For Spot Chaser on patrol
Banded Demoiselle like me waiting for the sun

Thursday, 22 July 2010

White Letter Day..............19-7-10

Monday I went over to Thornley Woods area to look for White Letter Hairstreak, parking near the centre I headed off it was overcast with periods of sun but on the whole not looking good ,plenty of Meadow Browns on the wing but most looking very worn .
Eventually located two feeding on nettle, they where not what I expected I thought I would see them flitting around and trace where they land as with most Butterflies but these just seem to disappear when they fly ,luckily they seem to feed for ages on the same flower head and I could even get my macro camera close without problem (but unfortunately lost the lot as the card will not open ).
Headed off to the pool nearby but only Common Blue Damsels around did get close photos of Commas but also lost,the rain started and just made it back to the car gave it 40mins or so then headed out again but it was by now dull.
Called in at Holywell as it was still early afternoon, Greenshank dropped in ,Common Sandpiper an assortment of Gulls and 70+ Lapwings also 1 Common Tern took some digi of the Greenshank but all lost also, gutted about the White Letter Hairstreak shots looked like some of the best Butterfly shots I have taken so far, as I do not have a macro lens for my 50D.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

July drags on ..............................

14th spent some time at cresswell pond just in the hide 60-70 Dunlin, 2 Little Ringed Plover this with the yellow ring and No 5 on which has been mentioned by others not sure if there is any info on it yet , Whimbrel over and settled on the spit, also a Common Sandpiper .15th 2 Emperor 1 Male and this Female laying only shots I could get as they both disappeared.
17th Little Egret heading for the west end at Hollywell, 2 Dragonflies in front of the hide at first I thought both Four Spot Chasers but this female ovipositing by dipping in the water I think is a Black Tailed Skimmer. Adult Med Gull at the east end , preening on the shore .

This just fledging Herring Gull was in the street when I got home 2 pairs nesting nearby

Friday, 16 July 2010

Dragons & Gulls......13-7-10

Started the day off with a shot of this juvenile Wood Pigeon one of two hanging around the garden so they have bred nearby.
A rather bright but changeable day but I thought it worth going out for Dragonflies , East Cramlington had Four Spot Chaser and Emperor this landed only very briefly before eventually flying off high and into the trees , also a couple of Common darter, with Willow Warblers feeding young.
Big Waters , Comma Butterfly, 2 Four Spot Chasers 1 Emperor , 6 Common Tern a pair of Great Crested Grebes , the second brood has been washed out , spent an hour or so at the hide , 2 Juvenile Great Spotted , but no Common Sandpipers along the shore.
Banks pond 2 Four Spot Chasers, Emerald Damselflies single Emperor and brief views of 2 Ruddy Darter.
St Marys called here on the way back , tide was high a good number of gulls feeding at the start of the prom, and among them an Adult little Gull ,had a short seawatch which produced about 60 Manx ,went through the ggulls again and the Little Gull had been joined by an Adult med gull, took me ages to get the two birds together ,( which is a first for me ) pity the light was not better its always dull in this corner as the sun sets.

Emperor as it settled very briefly .
Comma on Bramble also 3 Tortoiseshell
Great Crested Grebe feeding just on the weed edge in the east corner
Juvenile Lapwing just below the hide

One of 2 Great Spotted Woodpeckers at the feeders this one land on the tree for a second or two ,as mostly they are the nuts
Emerald a very smart Damselfly
Four Spot Chaser as it settled
Adult Med Gull St mary's
Med , Little & Black Headed Gulls all stained with green algae
Two nice Gulls and together.