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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Cresswell pond 26th/31st May 2011

This from the 26th May
Before I went on holiday it looked like the Avocets where going to attempt to nest at Cresswell and what a surprise to hear they where still there when I got back and now have 2 Chicks , it was a real crap day today with heavy down pour,just before the rain a brief spell along the shore for the 2 chicks before the 2 tucked up under an adult and later went back to the nest and under what I presume was the female for some warmth ,it was cold in the hide never mind outside.Sedge Warblers seemed to be in good numbers today, both along the road and on the reserve.
31-5-11Three chicks hatched and feeding along the reed erdge on Sunday.  A visit today to check on the progress of the Avocet chicks sad to say no chicks and the adults also gone from near the sandbank 

Constantly facing up to the Shellducks

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Terek & Spoonbills 29-5-11

Went up to Hauxley for the Terek Sandpiper early morning no sign but it was later picked up across from the wader hide to the right then it moved to the island it was just too far for my lens so I got a bit of video via the scope, not much else around Sticky Catchfly in flower near the car-park.
3 Spoonbills present at Druridge the water level seems ideal for them as they swept their bills back and forth one is colour ringed bird this interacted with another but the third  fed away to one side the relentless wind not helping to get some shots,

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Swifts 27-5-11

Just a couple of short videos of the birds entering the site, first what I think is the female its tail is paler underneath, followed a couple of hours later by the male? having problems with the video for some reason there is so many different types I have to convert these to  AVI.
No birds present at the moment although it is much brighter than earlier , there seems to have been a few birds around today I  have been down to Saltholme.
I had the feeling they would be in at any time so I just waited then started recording, at the moment its only set to record 20 seconds, but I can increase it to any length.

Bit more difficult with the second bird but got it with a little patience .

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Swifts 26th May

Finally got the camera moved to give a better view a check this morning revealed the nest empty but at 9-15 both birds had returned.

Monday, 23 May 2011

Swifts + Edit

My first Swift of the year was this one in the roof space nest could only see the wing tip at first so have moved the camera over , still can't seem to get sound as I can through the TV ,when the two birds are together and suddenly scream out it frightens the life out of you . Not great quality but it is pitch black in there.

I seem to have got the sound to work although there is no sound on this clip,looks like I will have to move the camera again, watch out for the flat fly that runs across its back  !!!!!!!!!!

Monday 23rd 9am two birds present with mutual preening, entrance on the left 

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Blyth Battery 21-5-11

Back from a couple of weeks holiday birding in Majorca ,Ive got no space on my hard-drive  so will have to sort something out before I can view the photos, looks like I have missed a few things WWBT being one   but there is still time for another,will have to get out and about and try and catch up with the Spoonbill and Crane ,was planning a few days up Beadnell area anyway. Had a look down at The Battery at Blyth a WW11 event on (Sunday also) as I said last year worth a look at.
 One of the well fed German group, probably early in the war when rations where plentiful.
 Some serious detail is maintained in the camps
 The Germans have arrived , prelude to a small engagement
 The action begins , nurse with casualty on the right, apparently in these days of being PC there are now no winners and losers , and there was me thinking that in war that was always the case.
 It was rather noisy as they all had blank fire guns, and the machine gun was propane gas operated ,
 Two lads from WW1 Scottish regiments group ,this one getting to grips with a mobile  !!!! They are doing an 80mile march in June to raise funds details here
The famous Willys Jeep , but at only 19 mpg , it probably goes home on a trailer these days.

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Big Waters

Had a look around Big Waters the other day thought I would have found some Speckled Wood Butterflies but no Orange Tips and Whites in good numbers, along with Damselflies much earlier than I had them last year , I think they would have been around but much harder to find deep in the grass, Common Terns on the Lake with a few Black -headed, & Lesser Black Backs ,report of Otter in the book from the same day ,not seen one for some times now. The feeding station very quiet , a lot of trees cut down here and at the pool to let some light in..
Common Terns bonding on Big waters lake

The Predator
And the prey
This Spider walked infront of the lens
Damselflies out in good numbers but they did seem to disappear with ease

This one eating a very small fly

Small Copper along the boardwalk
St Marks Fly which seem to be out in  droves  !!!