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Saturday, 21 May 2011

Blyth Battery 21-5-11

Back from a couple of weeks holiday birding in Majorca ,Ive got no space on my hard-drive  so will have to sort something out before I can view the photos, looks like I have missed a few things WWBT being one   but there is still time for another,will have to get out and about and try and catch up with the Spoonbill and Crane ,was planning a few days up Beadnell area anyway. Had a look down at The Battery at Blyth a WW11 event on (Sunday also) as I said last year worth a look at.
 One of the well fed German group, probably early in the war when rations where plentiful.
 Some serious detail is maintained in the camps
 The Germans have arrived , prelude to a small engagement
 The action begins , nurse with casualty on the right, apparently in these days of being PC there are now no winners and losers , and there was me thinking that in war that was always the case.
 It was rather noisy as they all had blank fire guns, and the machine gun was propane gas operated ,
 Two lads from WW1 Scottish regiments group ,this one getting to grips with a mobile  !!!! They are doing an 80mile march in June to raise funds details here
The famous Willys Jeep , but at only 19 mpg , it probably goes home on a trailer these days.

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