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Monday, 13 October 2014

October Sunshine

The first two weeks of October over already been enjoying the sunshine and the last flush of Butterflies & Dragonflies also some good seawatching  with large numbers of  Little Gulls passing through the area ,this is just an overview of the Month so far .
Kestrel drops in beside me with prey and just as quickly moves on to a better perch to consume it , a good photo opportunity missed
Barnacles past Seaton Sluice  in this case heading North into Blyth River where they seem confused and then head west  also 350 South in an hour and a half
Speckled Woods very numerous in their second hatch  lost count how many I have seen
Common Darters are still common I have seen them go late into November if conditions are right
I would have liked this one completely on the reddish  brown re-constituted plastic seat , but you get what you get
Few Small Copper around a fantastic looking Butterfly , often goes unseen due to it's small size

Small Tortoiseshell also in good numbers as are Red Admirals of which I have seen many but did not get any photos and a couple of Painted Ladies 
This is the Little Stint from Cresswell I just wanted to see what sort of shot I could get from the hide  and it's not bad given the distance 

Sunrise at Seaton Sluice ready for a Seawatch , looks nice but this day the bright sun  hampered visibility , the sea looked like silver foil , you have to look well North to get any I.D 's on passing birds
Comma I have never seen these in any numbers ,this one in Blyth Park as I searched for any migrants that had hopefully dropped in !!!!