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Tuesday, 7 September 2010

28th August - 3rd September Update

28th August Cycled along to St Mary's for the incoming tide just a few Common and Sandwich Terns around , Juvenile Med gull in the south bay, on the 22nd some Juvenile gulls trying to get into this plastic ball , dropping it onto a rock where it just rolled into the water time and again this went on for nearly an hour and what was going on today the very same plastic ball with Juveniles trying to get into it convinced it was edible.

Juvenile Med seeing if this was in any way edible !!!!!
30th August Started the day with some seawatching at St Mary's a few Manx, 100+ teal ,Wigeon & Common Scoter, Arctic & a single Juvenile Long Tailed Skua + a couple of Bonxie later a single Juvenile Roseate on the rocks adult Med at Briardene Car park.

31st August Tuesday back up to St Mary's for the reported Greenish Warbler a good few birders there already and within a few minutes the bird was on show I opted to get a good look at it before trying to get some pics , but in the end did not get any photos at all it was reported off and on for a few more days and I tried a couple of times but did not see it again.
Headed up the coast stopping at Summerhill Lane pond a Teneral Migrant Hawker in the grass and an adult on the pond edge with a further three along the hedge near Woodhorn Flash.
Spend about 45mins at Snab Point the sea having dropped to near calm but no sign of any Cetaceans .
Cresswell 6 Black tailed Godwits , 10 Dunlin , 1Knot, & 4 Ruff with a Peregrine spooking everything but with no catch.
Common Darter
Migrant hawker
2nd September,.......... Went along to Newbiggin to try for the Barred Warbler not sure if we where in the right place but no sign and again reported as still there later on , 2 Migrant Hawkers on the track down from the Mound , stopped at Summerhill Lane on the way back Female Migrant Hawker ovipositing but too quick for me to get a photo, male patrolling the same area as the other day but being more obliging and resting now and again.

Migrant Hawker The Mound Newbiggin
Migrant hawker Summerhill Lane
Migrant Hawker in flight Summerhill lane
3rd September,.............. It was a sunny day so I tried some ponds for Dragonflies again only Migrant Hawker along the edge with a few Common Darter , not seen any Ruddy Darters for awhile , Emerald and a couple of Azure still around , picked up this Stoat coming towards me but the sound of the shutter saw him dash back the way it came.
Called back at St Mary's the Greenish reported again but no sign did get this Spotted Flycatcher along the stream with the Willows.