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Sunday, 1 May 2011

Big Waters

Had a look around Big Waters the other day thought I would have found some Speckled Wood Butterflies but no Orange Tips and Whites in good numbers, along with Damselflies much earlier than I had them last year , I think they would have been around but much harder to find deep in the grass, Common Terns on the Lake with a few Black -headed, & Lesser Black Backs ,report of Otter in the book from the same day ,not seen one for some times now. The feeding station very quiet , a lot of trees cut down here and at the pool to let some light in..
Common Terns bonding on Big waters lake

The Predator
And the prey
This Spider walked infront of the lens
Damselflies out in good numbers but they did seem to disappear with ease

This one eating a very small fly

Small Copper along the boardwalk
St Marks Fly which seem to be out in  droves  !!!


rogerneilson said...

Just discovered this blog and very new to birdwatching. I'm finding this very helpful. Thank you for the narrative, the pictures and the ideas its giving me.

Northumbrian Birding said...

Thanks Roger been on holiday hence the lack of posts.