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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Cresswell pond 26th/31st May 2011

This from the 26th May
Before I went on holiday it looked like the Avocets where going to attempt to nest at Cresswell and what a surprise to hear they where still there when I got back and now have 2 Chicks , it was a real crap day today with heavy down pour,just before the rain a brief spell along the shore for the 2 chicks before the 2 tucked up under an adult and later went back to the nest and under what I presume was the female for some warmth ,it was cold in the hide never mind outside.Sedge Warblers seemed to be in good numbers today, both along the road and on the reserve.
31-5-11Three chicks hatched and feeding along the reed erdge on Sunday.  A visit today to check on the progress of the Avocet chicks sad to say no chicks and the adults also gone from near the sandbank 

Constantly facing up to the Shellducks


ds002c8867 said...

Re the Avocets. I was in the hide on Sunday when the adults gathered the chicks up and took them across the water onto the bank on the left hand side. They took them up and over the hill to the other side. I assumed to take them out of harm's way. Hope this is of use to you.
Davy Stephenson

Northumbrian Birding said...

Thanks Davy I was just told that today ,not sure exactly where you mean but that's good news. Sunday was very windy I saw them all on the edge of the reeds before I left.