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Thursday, 2 June 2011

More Spoonbills 2-6-11

Hound's -tongue
Started Off at East Chevington or actually the back of Druridge Bay Country park  , great views of Male Marsh Harrier, Lesser Butterfly Orchids out as where lots of Damselflies but no Dragonflies, Butterflies : Common Blue,Small Skipper, Small copper, Small Heath. Got to Druridge just going into the Budge and where told nothing around  but we had a look any way no sooner had we got there when Four Spoonbills drifted over and dropped in , as they flew in the first thing I looked for was colour rings but could not see any, but oddly as they started to feed one was indeed wearing colour rings different  combination to the previous birds ,this group was clearly connected in some way , I made a right mess of the digiscoping somehow as they are all out of focus they always look OK on the monitor, eventually they headed North but circled back and landed  near the small hide. So I think these are Four new birds
Cresswell 4 Avocets and 6 little Gulls was a good end to the day.....Thanks to Pat for the lift down good to meet you !!!

look  So intent on looking for rings as they flew in I neglected to check for any black in the wing tips, but I think these are perhaps 3 full adults and one 2nd year bird , this bird clearly shows an ochre patch which in the illustration of Collins is non breeding but in the text  its Adult breeding

 Rings reflecting in the water so that is not the colour combination
 Colour ringed bird with a different combination than the one I saw on Sunday

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