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Thursday, 23 June 2011

Big Waters 16-6-11

 Called in at Big waters last week got my first dragonfly of the year for Northumberland in the form of Four Spot Chaser only the one and it kept its distance having the whole area to itself , another changeable day weather wise  not many Butterflies around and the reserve quiet , a Magpie dropped into the feeding station it lay on the ground and spread out a wing in the sun I thought it was doing a form of anting, till it started to feed from bits of seed that had fell to the ground it looked like an injured leg was the problem, instead of getting some shots of bird behaviour it looked rather pitiful trying to get around but it eventually perched on a stump briefly before flying off .

 Blue Flag Iris in one of the small pools
 Stock Dove at the feeding station very wary birds

Foxgloves always an impressive flower........and the inner workings !!!


Citybirding said...

Impressive foxglove shots. I'm finding, or not, Dragons hard to come by and when I do they are constantly on the move. Had expected Common Darters before now.

Northumbrian Birding said...

Hi Dick,I had expected Dragons earlier this year , first Common Darter on Thursday but nothing else .