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Sunday, 26 June 2011

Swifts 26-6-11 15:05

Spent all last night out looking for Bats & Moths so absolutely wrecked today ,sitting in the garden half asleep a Butterfly caught my eye dashed over to have a look , Speckled Wood on the garden list not the first but I did not see the first to busy getting the camera when I was told there was sitting on the ground ,so that one does not count.
Swifts the quality of the CCTV is looking poor not sure if there is a build up of dust on the lens ,anyway today I noticed an egg pushed to one side and could just see the movement of a chick it has to be a few days old given its size compared to the egg but not strong enough to keep its head up for long, it must be very hot up there today I thought the female was going to leave but she turned around and returned.. I saw her return to the nest one day which is just outside and above a window ,very distinctive pale under-tail, I will set the camera up when they are both actively feeding the young although when I say actively they do seem to disappear for some time Picked up a Swifts egg case from the drive last week it had been chipped out so it looks like the second pair have at least one chick ,although I have yet to see any adult enter or leave.
Edit :- not sure now if it's one or two chicks as it looks too big for one , they can lay 2-3 eggs so I will wait and see .
Edit 2 :tried using Picassa to capture thesecond video even more grainy but you can indeed see two chicks  !!!!!!

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