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Saturday, 11 June 2011

White Throated Robin 8-5-11

White Throated Robin ----------- Hartlepool 
Unable to get straight away on the Monday of first sighting and not wanting to be part of a scrum for ladder space (will 21st century birding require a carbon fibre portable ladder system , cammo pattern of course) but on the Wednesday the bird still reported early morn so I headed of for the headland , many years since I've been there, as I rolled up a guy approached me the bird was showing from his window would I like to join others for £3 quid, I'll see what the score is first , turns out the bird was actually  on the edge of the Bowling green and within 2 minutes had my first pics . It went on to show really well for the rest of the afternoon you could see it running along behind the fence when it would pop out between the rails and as there was only about 1/2 dozen of us which went down to 2 as the rain came it worked out really well , later more and more people started to turn up so I thought time to leave if I haven't got any shots by now I never would.
Hats off to the bemused locals who where very friendly a credit to the area.
This bird was now on my bus list with total cost of  the Twitch    "£0" wouldn't want to do it too often but I would do it again , I wonder how many turned up today(Saturday) given the bird was reported last night.

Within two minutes I had seen and got a couple of quick shots of the bird, this one from the west corner of the fenced area.

 Now it's along the street feeding on the path & road not sure what its picking up but the rain seemed to help perhaps it was washing insects from the trees above , one shot I got looks like it's picking up a small green insect, but the shot is blurred. (seems to have a speck of white on the tail tip ?)

 Pausing on the road
 This one it even hops up the step of one of the houses facing the green
 Foraging along the path
 Shiny Bling on show   !!!!
Although the bird was showing really well the light was very poor during and after the rain, still I'm pleased with what I got overall

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