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Friday, 24 June 2011

Back around the ponds 17-6-11

Another afternoon in search of dragonflies I did expect this year that they would appear perhaps just a little early given the dates of first sightings of some Butterflies, it's just down to the weather I suppose with some sunny spells but overall low temperatures, I did  find more Bee Orchids, reading about them it stated  that they can be found in large numbers but then not seen again at the same site which seemed odd as I always thought they spread through the ground as well as seed, Common Spotted  coming through and a few Northern marsh Orchids but many dying back . Butterflies in low numbers but given the weather not surprised, did have my first Ringlet of the year this one with a kink in the wing ( actually saw the very same one today the 24th just missed getting a photo)

 Woundwort bruise the leaves they smell foul  !!!!! I did read somewhere that the term wort in plant use denotes its use at some time in medicinal remedies, in this case open wounds.

 Large Red Damselflies I like these sometimes you can't get within a few feet and other times.....
 The hardest part of taking these is trying to stop yourself from falling over as you lean in
I am told this Red Bartsia


Johnnykinson said...

.....or your cap and thermos falling in the pond as i did last week.
Called by Stargate Ponds and Thornley Pond on Weds. but the weather was poor. No sightings of either Dragons or Damsels. Apparently the boardwalk at Shibdon is closed due to a kiddy tripping on mesh and is sueing coucil (alledgedly)

Northumbrian Birding said...

I was also at Stargate but also had nothing of note, I was on the boardwalk at Shibdon a couple of weeks ago there was a note to say it was closed but having come a long way I took a chance and it was fine there had been repairs done though so can't see why it's still closed.