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Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Big Waters.......

Had a run to Big Waters the other day and came across this "GROWTH" what do you think it is ?. Great Crested Grebe with at least Two young , Common Terns still present not sure of their success as yet, Emperor present on the open water and Four Spot Chaser, very little on the small pool again the wind not helping in the search for Dragonflies, I should have perhaps went up to the hide !!!What do you make of this growth ???
Common Tern
Meadow Browns coupled.......
Only a few Damsels on the small pool and laying just too far away
Emerald in the tall grass
The hoof (or 1/2 )of I presume a Cow what an earth it was doing just lying on the grass, the Victorians would have made something of this , like a snuff box , could make a mobile phone stand nice surprise for the missus !!!!!!!! , although it would probably hurt when she bounced it off your head !!!

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