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Monday, 26 July 2010

Thornley, Kibblesworth ,Big Waters & banks

Friday the 23rd I called back at Thornley Woods area to get some close ups of the White letter Hairstreaks if showing, it was a bright and at times sunny early morning 8-10 Small Tortoiseshell and 3 Comma all taking advantage of the sun as was the Hairstreaks with 5 on show so I had the shots replaced that I had lost with the CF card packing in.
I went over to Kibblesworth Brickworks site now a reclaimed landfill site ,but by the time I found it I was losing the sun a bit ,checked out the Purple Hairstreak area 3-4 where showing but only at the tree tops, so as the sun went in again I headed down to the pond an open area getting probably full sun all day , Emperor on the wing and settled briefly, Four Spot Chaser lots of Common Darter and a few Ruddy Darter I was expecting much more but the day did not produce.
Not wanting to get stuck in heavy traffic I headed for Big Waters but also little here, next stop banks Pond 2 Emperor, 2 Four Spot Chaser one a female laying, several Ruddy Darter, last stop Belasis Bridge 3-4 Male Banded Demoiselle but only hidden in the vegetation, I gave it an hour as it looked as if the sun was going to break out ,it did but only when I got home ,still a few beers in the garden to end the day.........Dragonfly & Butterfly watching are so reliant on the weather it's hard work here in the North-east

Common Darter hardening it's wings
Ruddy darter
Emperor alights but at some distance
For Spot Chaser on patrol
Banded Demoiselle like me waiting for the sun

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