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Friday, 9 July 2010

Holywell Pond 7-7-10

Wednesday started the day at East Cramlington the day sunny but again that fairly strong breeze, Dragons on the wing with Emperor & Four Spot Chaser but not wanting to play ball have get their pics taken I watched for over an hour and they did not land anywhere near me, plenty of Butterflies in sheltered spots , Blue & Lge Reds still around , but I saw little point in visiting further ponds for Dragons anyway. Holywell Pond I have not been for Awhile so I ended up there ,water level low at the East end 6 and later 9 Black Tailed Godwits , 3 Common Terns, and a Little Egret drifted to the west, Little Ringed & Ringed Plover , with House Martins coming in for mud.
At the west end hide 2 Emperor(F laying ,Four Spot Chaser, and a Black Tailed Skimmer, I looked up at one stage and a Little Egret coming right towards me , it stalled and started to gain height I had the camera in hand but it would not fire .........battery dead ....I should make a note of the power level, but thats the way it goes, later I went back to the east end and the BTG had increased to 9 with also a Common Sandpiper.
It was still a pleasant day and only about 17:30 so I headed to Castle Island for an hour or so, water level here also very low , but all I could manage was 11 Common Sandpipers , and mostly Black-headed Gulls.

Large Skipper

Little Egret
Black Tailed Skimmer ,took lots of this will put it on Dragonfly blog when sorted

Female Emperor laying about 20yds away

Magpie Moth I get many of these in the garden at times
Black-tailed Godwits
Little Ringed Plover


Citybirding said...

Those Black-tailed Godwits are stunning

Anonymous said...


Northumbrian Birding said...

Black tailed Godwits are always good to see,numbers can vary, at least at Holywell they are not too far away.