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Monday, 5 July 2010

Sunny Days .......but 2-7-10

During the early summer things can be a little quite birding wise and I started to get an interest in Dragonflies, so it was this sunny day that I set of in search of more Dragons alas it was sunny but with a fairly strong breeze, Emperor and Four Spot Chasers still in evidence but the latter alighting very briefly and no chance of any photographs , sometimes they would fly off some distance into the trees and disappear, Damselfies seemed confined to the tall grass, but this makes it hard to get a close up shot of any activity , did find my first Emerald of the year . I see over the weekend that waders are on the move so it's worth checking ponds and flashes those that have not dried out that is , that nice pool at Lynemouth has now gone.Lad'ys mantle , early morning it nearly always has dewdrops on , alchemists apparently used this in potions etc:, thinking it had special powers.
Common Centaury
Plant Geometry

First Emerald of the year for me , a poor photo as it lay deep in the grass, I'm sure there will be many in the coming weeks.

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