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Friday, 29 December 2006


Not a very good day weather wise so I thought I would go to Holywell at least there is shelter if it rains heavy,the gulls where collecting as I arrived but not much else seen from the hide,I did catch sight of a Water Rail on the edge of the rushes and it eventually came in to the open and looked as if it would come towards me the light was improving very slightly so I reset my cameras iso, the bird came into the open again edging nearer as I pressed the shutter release "bleep bleep bleep" went the camera as I had caught the self timer button and the bird was off ***** & **** I thought my best chance so far of getting a Water Rail lost, it did come out again later and flew in front of the hide but to dull for any good shots.
The Pinkfeet came over in a large flock and a couple of hundred settled on the water briefly and left,Wigeon ,Teal,Tufted,Pochard,Goldeneye & Mallard at the far end hide but no sign of the Yellowhammer/Reed Bunting flock.

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