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Monday, 12 November 2007

3/4th November

Saturday the 3rd of November not a birding day went to the fleamarket at Tynemouth it also had a continental flavour with French cheese, Spanish sausage etc; then over the ferry to South Shields with a Kingfisher at Smiths dock.
Sunday 4th up to Amble with two Long-tailed Duck in the harbour then on to Hauxley another new hide with the replacement of the Tern hide but not much in the way of birds other then a Kingfisher and another Long Tailed Duck , Redshank. Teal, Wigeon and a couple of Mallard at the Outflow pool a mass of seaweed covers the area the large metal cover from the pipe is long gone allowing the sea to surge in, this site never seems to attract many birds.
That evening it was off to the Fireworks at Blyth much better organised then last year
with an ariel show in the park ,not sure what it was about but worth seeing anyway, the everyone had to file down to the quay for the show .but it seemed to work and after a short wait the fireworks began we happened to stop just at the right spot for a great show, I tried to get some shots but not with great success.

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