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Friday, 7 December 2007

December 1st

Digiscoped images over the pond from the hide
Large Otter on the banskide of Cresswell pond for sometime as he (assuming he because of the very large size) ate a large Eel

Just look how thick the base of the tail is
Water Pipit at West Allotment very good find by MH, bird a bit flighty so digishots where all no good on this occasion


st said...

It would be great if the otter, sat dry in a sunny spot about twenty feet away. the again a lottery win is more likley.
Novembers frog is great.

Brian said...

Actually for me the Otter in the sunshine is more likely as I have not bought a lottery ticket yet !!,
But think about it ST the sight of an Otter not that long ago was very rare,just make sure you take your camera everywhere from now on. !!!!!