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Tuesday, 12 August 2008

8-08-08 "MINKIE WHALE"

Friday the 8th I spent most of the day at Cawfields on the Roman Wall a project to extend hay meadows it was overcast and warm and the midges where out in force,heavy force, for some reason my jacket attracted them in thousands, even later in the day they where still everywhere.
Called in at Whittle Dene the hide is locked and a no access sign not much around so I did not stay long later I called at the Sluice on the way home ,what a change from midges in your hair and choking on the ones that get in your mouth, I love the coast, BD was already in there and informed me there was not much doing , but he suddenly called out MINKIE WHALE heading South I got on what I thought was the line and saw it as it came to the surface, it showed incredibly well the head coming up and a good portion of its body showing how bulky they are, it showed off and on for awhile as it turned and came back on the same line . this is only my second sighting of a Minkie what a great end to the day !!! no photos of it I'm afraid,maybe next time.
Wall along the wall,but on a fence
Juvenile Willow Warbler I will have to check if this "EXUVIAE" is a Southern Hawker,perhaps the one on the other side trying to get some sun
Not much in the way of birds today

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