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Sunday, 27 September 2009

Classy Ibis @ Cresswell Pond

Just a few shots from the past few days not been much around the doors till the Glossy Ibis turned up, it led me a merry dance on Saturday morning and it's a thank you to all that kept the messages up to date so we could eventually get to see it , it could not have ended up in a better spot giving good views to all that turned up , I got some digi shots and some flight shots which turned out to be not as good as I had thought , I am definitely not a photographer , anyway it was a cracking day out , a great bird for the County . I should have been out more lately ,trying to find something after all somebody has to !!!!!!!!
Black Tailed Godwit Bothal Pond (north )
2 Wheatears Cresswell Pond
3 Buzzards
2 Sparrowhawks
Quail calling or was it a nokia
Plenty of Migrant Hawkers still around

Three beside Woodhorn flash

These Flies at Druridge all the same bit of tree a further 6 or so out of shot

Adult Med has returned to Briardene car park ..........dont't forget your bread

Rats coming to discarded fish & chips at Shields fish quay

There used to be some white winged Crows along St Marys this at the fish quay very strong pattern of white in the wing

stopped at Tynemouth boating lake for the gulls but they all flew off as I went around to get the light behind me ............should have brought those fish & chips

Just got back to the car when this Barnacle dropped in , be a good patch tick for someone {:)}

Digiscoped looked OK on the camera monitor, still I tried.

and a couple as it flew past ,looks rather awkward in profile but it could move swiftly as it rapidly became a mere dot in the sky !!!!!!!!

Just having a coffee outside when I got back home when this Hedgehog came for a drink in the bird bath, always great to see them in the garden...................


abbey meadows said...

I would have been proud with those shots of the Ibis. Great bird to connect with.

Northumbrian Birding said...

Thanks Nigel , I really should have got some cracking flight shots as it came right overhead,and too busy talking,later missed it as it dropped in as near as it could be in the small pool