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Saturday, 6 February 2010

Another Week in Winter Wonderland

Well we are into February already, with another fall of snow I have just been local the past week had a walk along to the estuary ,Fieldfares still around ,Merganser and Great Crested Grebe also , a run to Holywell which was still partly frozen a couple of areas had open water not a great deal around, also a visit to Blyth harbour no sign of the Iceland gull and it looks like there is to be no Snow Buntings here this year, with little around to tempt me too far I just kept local it was good to find a Barn owl still around and having hopefully survived the winter, a Roe deer crossed my path and for once did not make a dash for it but just looked at me with curiosity , the light was very poor and I had on my cam jacket so perhaps it was not sure.
This winter I seem to spend a lot of time looking into the garden, one day the alarm calls where sounded and everything shot up a flash across the fence so fast I thought that has to be a Sparrowhawk so I legged it upstairs just in case it either had caught something or was sitting because it had not, and there it was in the neighbours garden so I took a couple of shots through the window.
Nothing to do with birding but I watched that new Sherlock Holmes movie this week ,its nothing like the others done before , like when Watson is trying to hold onto this big villain by pinning his arms back using the guys jacket and urging Holmes to "nut him", so Holmes takes a run leaps up (the guy is very tall) and " sticks one on him"............ its funny and not a magnifying glass or deerstalker in sight .

Roe I seem to have put up two of virtually the same shot
It was good to see this Barn Owl has so far survived the winter , they seem to have been decimated in some parts of the County, I just took this shot and left it in peace
A covey of 16 Grey Partridge
Wren Holywell it was the only bird I took the camera out of the bag for
Holywell Fungi in the feeding station, the feeders are now placed high incase of vandalsim

I have done it again posted 2 near identical shots , this Sparrowhawk from the upstairs window ,who would have thought they would become a fairly common sight in town gardens !!!

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