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Sunday, 3 October 2010

September ends October begins !!!!!!!!!

What has gone wrong with Blogger   !!!
Just a few images from the past few days trying to get some self found birds with not much luck still the pleasure is in the looking, its great fun staring at bushes looking for movement and how long to give it ,visited Blyth Harbour 2 Kittiwakes with colour rings but as yet can't get any info.
St Mary's Island Pied Fly on the track and a few Goldcrests in the triangle 
Went over to Cambois its a great area but you have to know it ,had a Brambling near the ash docks ,but only Goldcrest, Great Spotted Woodpecker, and a Peregrine along the old rail tracks ,went to the area behind the  Power Station , Common Redstart & Whinchat .Called at St Marys later in the day as it was still  good light a few birders where looking for a Barred Warbler coming to feed on Elder Berries in the late afternoon it gave reasonable views but would not stay still..
Still a few Speckled Wood around I found the one below just as it had become trapped in a web it was some way off in bramble so not the best of shots but interesting !!
Saturday I was up early and at St Mary's just after first light tramped over the whole area very disappointing . for some reason I was aching all over and decided to give up and head back home passing the butts I noticed the Barred sitting out in the open getting some sun , but there after it became elusive  , a nice male Blackcap also feeding on Elder......  What a contrasting day freezing cold in the early morn then warm sun , but as soon as it went in it was cold I thought this bird will only show again if the sun does .

Barred Warbler at the butts
Speckled Wood becomes trapped in a web and instantly the Spider is down and  finishes it off
It then starts to wrap it in the web not sure if it is also adding  to it !!
Fascinating to watch as it turns it around and around
Bringing the wings in
A neat  and tidy  parcel
Now retreated to its lair

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