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Monday, 10 June 2013

A 12 something Cycle ride

Another Sunny day that's a few days in a row just like the olden days , I took to the bike today  to both do some birding and look for dragonflies nothing exciting on the birding side although I noted the farmer seemed to be going to some expense to rid the field at Newsham of the large pond that had formed so that will put paid to the wader passage and the gull roost  again first site I checked for dragons nothing at all there are numerous Northern Marsh Orchids coming through though very small and stunted , but there was plenty of Damsels with Large Reds and Common Blues in tandem and numerous of both species in the teneral stage . My first Four Spot Chaser of the year but it would not settle and I had to wait till it did after about 15 mins , on the Butterfly side only a couple of Wall Browns (there was also a few out on the coast Saturday) ended up at East Cramlington  which is an odd place sometimes its good but very little there today , a pleasant day out my bike computer logged 12  but I'm not sure if it's miles or Kilometres 

Large Red Damsel fly which seems covered in Pollen probably why they don't often land on Buttercup
 Common Blue
 Large Red Male and the attached female (male grasps female around the neck with special appendages )
 Four Spot Chaser it can be common at some sites
 This Male Stickleback  using this curled leaf as a potential nest site

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