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Monday, 13 January 2014

Boldon Flats- Ibis

The report of 2 Glossy Ibis still at Boldon Flats I thought its about time I went and see this place for myself ,so I went over via the Metro which stops at East Boldon about 3/4 mile away , first impressions where good most of the water can be viewed from the roadside and with the sun at your back , I did not take a scope with me on this my first visit but a scope is pretty much essential if you want to check through the Duck & Gulls . The 2 Ibis soon located in the nearby horse fields , the whole area is very wet so the birds are spoiled for choice as to where they feed and this they did pretty much all the time . A very pleasant afternoon spent both watching the birds and conversing with  the local birders and residents ,I was informed the birds came into roost about 4 but as this was a bright sunny day they did not arrive till just gone 4 :30 coming in fairly low and settling on a small island in the pool, it was over in a flash but worth waiting for , how often do you get to watch Glossy Ibis come into roost .

 The birds had flown from view and when I relocated them they where in a field adjacent to the Metro line and could have easily been seen from the train to Sunderland ,at least by those that did not have there eyes glued to a mobile !

 Boldon Flats backed by a housing estate on the one side and a road on the other no doubt I will be back  !!!

1 comment:

Gordon said...

I can see by your excelent pics it was well worth the journey.
All the best Goeson.