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Monday, 2 March 2015


Boulmer  was the chosen site for a walk from the small village to Howick Burn not a long walk  just a gentle stroll the tide was well out on arrival ,so we set straight off taking food etc: with us and taking the top path rather than go along the shore .I checked the fields and fence-lines for any birds  but it was not till we had gone two thirds of the way that a flock of about 40 Linnets where encountered near the cattle feeders , I scanned as best I could but all seemed to be Linnets . Crossing the bridge at the burn and up through the gate i noticed a sign "Howich Hill Fort" so off we walked , I had no idea there was a hill fort here despite having walked the coast path a few times , it's only a short walk but it's not until you climb up the hillside and see the outline from within that it shows as a hill fort , so it's well worth the small detour . Back at the Bridge for a coffee stop the wind cool but it was sunny and dry , some years ago I found some large  dressed sandstone blocks laid out in the sand from an old structure , I sent off the photo and it featured in Northumbrian magazines section for any information but I got no reply so still intrigued as to what it was , no sign today it must have been buried ,heading back via the beach nicely sheltered from the cold breeze , Rock Pipits and Pied Wagtails a plenty feeding in amongst the rotting seaweed, by the time we got back to the car the tide was coming in strongly pushing the birds ever nearer , I scanned with the scope and made a loose count , nothing you would not have expected just a good number of waders frantically feeding as the tide pushed the line of birds up the sand I was looking for any colour ringed birds , six Grey  Plover flew past heading north .
Check out these stunning images of Northumberland , I just love the one of the bathing house which is just about 1/2 mile from the burn and taken the same day as our visit .Anita Nicholson Photography

 The familiar Yellow helicopter which I believe is to be replaced by a private service 2016? , It just hovered for awhile circled and hovered again before heading North
 Difficult to show the hill fort in a photo , you can make out the outline edge , with the burn to the right
 Looking back towards the burn there is a bridge across , and a path leads through to Howick Hall gardens
 Heading back via the beach looking back at  the burn as it meets the sea 

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Tattoo Tony said...

Nice shots,certainly is a nice part of the world we live in.