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Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Shaftoe Crags - Bolam

Not having been to Shaftoe Crags  for some time we had a drive up parked at the end of the lane and braved the fierce wind  as we headed on a circular walk around to the rock outcrops, a hard surface had been laid for part of the way since our last visit i thought it over the top till I twigged it comprised of  concrete railway sleepers placed face down ,but even so it must have taken some time and effort  to lay these.   Several   Buzzards encountered but little in the way of small birds and no sign of  expected Wheatear  we did see 2 grey Squirrel in a small wood  

 Thats one solid road of  railway sleepers
 I think this large stone is called The Tailor and his man
 Some of the as yet unused sleepers
 I have seen anything on this small pond
 the stone has some severe weather wear as presumably water runs over the edge

 This looks like a Lizards head

 Steps cut into the rock lead to a small cave presume it was used during quarrying

 More steps lead to the cave
 Some parts are very wert as you would expect from an area like this

 Its a nice area to visit we did a circular walk
 which goes back through this gap

 Called in at Bolam on the way back these two Roe seemed unconcerned by us
 picked out 2 Scaup on the choppy water so I got some shots just to check they where not Lesse Scaup

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