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Friday, 6 November 2015

Nearly the last of the Dragonflies

Last Month saw some nice sunny days so I tried to find some Dragonflies ,plenty of Common Darters still around some coupled and ovipositing , also saw a couple of Large Hawkers either Common or Migrant  I'm still at that stage where I need to see them perched or get a reasonable flight shot to ID them , but these where just darting about  and then gone . Funghi starting to come through another subject i like to look at but unless they have a common name most remain a mystery but you can still enjoy them .
 Took this Caterpillar out of a pond on the end of a stick , not sure what it is
 This caught my eye it would make a great macro subject
 This is pristine must have just come through

 Common Darter  this one seems to have clasped a male
 M & F Common Darters clasped in a wheel
 This Lichen on a small stone giving a nice pattern reminding me of ancient Northumberland rock carvings could there be a link .

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