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Thursday, 28 July 2016

Caspian Tern............. Big Waters

27th July I have just returned from an intensive trip to Bulgaria in search of Butterflies , so I just wanted to get out for a quiet walk around ,not having been to Big Waters for some time I headed there to check for Dragonflies . Typical of out British Summers by the time I got there it had mostly clouded over  all I got was Common Blue, Large Red , and Blue Tail Damsels so I just headed to the hides for a quick look . only newly fledged Blue and Great Tits on the feeders , looked out from the hide perhaps I would be lucky and see an otter problem was though I only had my compact 7 x 21 bins ,great for Butterflies and Dragonflies no good for distance there where several terns hawking the far end then one started mobbing a larger bird what the hell its another tern it flew low back and forth then high and came towards me still a long way off surely a Caspian Tern I thought , tried to pick it out in the camera but could not find it this was frustrating I thought it was going to fly off as an unconfirmed till it rose higher and headed off SW between the hides and I managed to pick it up in the camera and get a few shots to confirm using my SX50.
I put the word out but neglected to add a tag but I'm sure the word was spread although I stayed another hour and no one turned up on the off chance the bird returned so I guess everyone saw the last bird but me as I missed the last Caspian Tern not once but twice got to Big Waters to find it had just left and raced down to Blyth to find it had just been pushed off by the tide ,never to be seen again .

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