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Wednesday, 14 March 2007

13-03-07 Breamish Valley

Views from Brough Law

Today it's an Archaeology walk but I still took the camera just in case, as a Raven flew low over our heads on my last walk up here,near Ingram Grey Wagtail, on the river with a large mixed flock of Black -headed & Common gulls ,10 Oystercatcher and same Lapwings ,a small flock of Fieldfare near the village hall but not there when I took the camera around three Pied Wagtail, two Mistle & 8 song thrush with a Nuthatch feeding along a low moss covered wall just a few feet from me but I got onto it to late and it flew into a tree above my head and gave a scolding call,two Buzzards over the nearby hill ,nothing on the way up to Brough Law ( boy that camera gets heavy on a long climb up)with only a Curlew over our heads wind again very strong and cold,but great scenery ,could be a good viewpoint for raptors but you would have to strap your scope & tripod down ,another look along the river came upon a Hare sunning itself among the gorse, ( like summer in sheltered spots)but I just made the slightest sound and he was off like a rabbit,or should that be he hared off.
Called in at the gravel pits east of Powburn hundreds of Black-headed gulls paired, what a noise the odd Oystercatcher amongst them on the Island,plenty of Greylag and a few Canada took this shot of a Hybrid,there used to one like this at Druridge pools,Tufted ,Mallard,Teal,Wigeon on the water, a bird was calling from the small wood behind me so I went off to have a look no idea what it was,walked further along the road to try and pinpoint the call when a Kestrel flew from the treetops followed by a Buzzard in the same view alas I had left the camera in the car,will I ever learn.
Called at West Hartford one Short Eared Owl over the far field.

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