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Friday, 9 March 2007

8-03-07 Northumberland

This Dunnock is keepimg it's eye out for raptors while also posing for the camera

I have been laid low with the flu this past week so have not been out, so today I thought I would have a run out and look for Goshawks as the conditions looked good first bird a hovering Buzzard it looked huge till I realised it was closer than I first thought seemed to hover over the same spot and eventually landed and picked something up it seemed to feed in the air as it drifted off after about 15mins my first Goshawk then followed by a second they drifted up and circled but with no actual display, awhile later three Buzzards in the air together as a Kestrel flew over me and nearby two Mistle Thrush and two Stonechats the sky started to cloud and the wind picked up 30mins later as I had no further sightings headed back home not the most productive bird outing so I thought I would stop at West Hartford on the way home but alas nothing this was just before six so I thought it would be ok.

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Voinapics said...

Nice blog Brian and really nice pics as well. The scenic walks and views look so peacfull. And you get Sparrowhawks in your garden! All I get is a few sparrows and Starlings :-(


Steve V (PicMan)