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Sunday, 8 April 2007

7-04-07 Holburn Moss Area

Two soaring Buzzards over the open valley

Today we had a run to just north of Belford for a walk around to St Cuthbert's cave a pair of Buzzards over the wood some fantastic views to be had,GSW drumming, Chiffs singing along with Wren, Chaffinch, Siskin and a single Corn Bunting by the time I picked it up at the top of a tall tree just got the camera on and it was gone,Ladybirds in there hundreds as they where all along the walk as where Tiger Beetles flying along the tracks through the heather,Common & Herring Gulls at the pool.along with Shellduck,Greylag,Goldeneye,Mallard with a superb male Merlin passing over,further on as we sat in the sun at the edge of the wood two Tawny called to each other not far away by the sound of it.
Back at the car sitting enjoying the last rays of sun,Hares in the nearby field and about a dozen Red Legged Partridge calling and prancing around with some Fielfares in the distance and a Sparrowhawk sitting out in the open but at some distance,still no Wheatears for me I thought this would have been a safe bet,nevertheless a good day out the sunny day was the sort of weather required for yesterdays raptors.

This creature landed on the map at the end of the day,its just west of Belford Red Legged's in the field near the car the only ones we saw that day

Tiger Beetles all along the tracks before flying off managed only one shot
Plenty of Gulls at Holburn Moss

The approach to St Cuthberts Cave not as many Daffs as there used to be.
Hundreds of Ladybirds in the sunny tracks
Lots of Violets in bloom
I think this is a Lime Kiln

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