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Monday, 18 June 2007

----- 17-06-07 Roundup

Just a round up of the week not been far due to the poor weather Red legged Partridge from a few days ago still on the card as I have not taken many photos, went for the Spoonbill at Longhirst Flash hoping it would be nearer to Digiscope but still very dull light hopeless for photography, there are lots of Lesser Black Backs here of various ages one 2nd year bird I think had a large blue ring with white letters/numbers but as I was setting up the camera to get a shot it was gone.
Linton Ponds then East Chevington with Barn Owl and F Marsh Harrier in the same view, the water level up most Terns along the shore of the islands only two Redshank for wader numbers, Cresswell Pond also high water with the usual flood across the road lots of terns hanging around the flooded pathway with a 1st Summer Artic in with them.
Sunday over to visit Gibside NT we had a corporate card so no entry fee I find these places very overpriced the grounds looked impressive in layout but I found them rather boring not much to see along the walks it is much better in the council run area of Thornley Woods we did come across a fantastic hide overlooking the Brick field according to the map perhaps it is one of the roosting areas for the Kites in Winter.
We did not see any Kites in the air so I decided not to go to see the view point I will wait until the young are larger.
Far Pastures was looking very good spent the time watching these Little Grebes mating and nest building
Mating Little Grebes just outside the window of the hide worth a visit

!st Summer Arctic

There should be a good caption for this but at the moment I can't think of one
Calling bird necked bulled up for effect

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