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Monday, 4 June 2007

-------3 -06-07

Whooper ringed VAC

Strange Monster Stalks Swan !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just a round up of the past few days I caught up with the Lesser Scaup & Spoonbill and managed to get a few Digiscoped shots of both , had a couple of sessions of sea watching which produced my first Pomerine & Great Skuas for the year with a good number of Manx overall and with the odd warmer day I am starting to look for Butterflies & Dragonflies.
I did note a Whooper Swan at Castle Island that had a Darvic ring and metal ring , I know there is one at Druridge Bay this is a good location and could turn up anything I hear the Spoonbill has been here a couple of times, I did photograph a very nice flower that I have not seen before but it could be a garden escape

Not sure of this plant at Castle Island
Plenty of Swifts at Castle Island

Large Red
Blue Tailed


Boulmer Birder said...

Hi Bri, The plant is a Columbine or Aquilegia, this type is usually purple...

Brian said...

Thanks for the info it was a large plant with a good show of flowers