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Friday, 31 August 2007

25-08-07 Boulmer Beach Digiscoping

Eyebright only a few millimetres acrossStarted the day at Alnmouth on the south side to look for terns on the beach there was a few just up the river but no Roseates in with them, 105 Curlews on the river edge, on the walk back a Sparrowhawk flew past with a very slow fluttering flight as it came to an open area its stalled slightly before continuing all along the dunes, I had put the camera away and thought by the time I got it out it would be gone so I just enjoyed the scene ,usually they fly low and fast , onto Boulmer where the Lifeboat open day was in full swing we later parked past the houses and I had a session digiscoping waders on the shore be continued

Nikon 4500 at full zoom from my seat on the beach,birds fed at this pool for much of the time,
and attached to my Kowa 823

Sun setting over Foxton

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