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Sunday, 5 August 2007

31-07-07/-03-08-07 Monday to Wednesday

Monday was mostly spent sea watching with the highlight being Storm petrels feeding offshore for some two hours before I had to go and get something to eat, Sooty & Manx Shearwaters, Roseate Terns, a couple of Little Gulls, Arctic Skuas and One Adult Pomerine and other cast of extras, doesn’t seem much for about 8 hours watching but its great one of birdings pleasures that you have to work at and can’t get via a pager, I walked a section of Blyth beach where two Ringed Plover tried to lure me from there chick which I later saw from cover of the wall but during a heavy shower so no photo it must be one of the busiest spots for dog walkers so they had there work cut out, the rest of the week I tried to find Butterflies or Dragonflies but with limited luck Emperors are still around but far to flighty I did find a new one for me Emerald Damselfly I had them last year but I thought it was a faded Blue heh I am new at this, a female Mallard walked her large brood past me and on to the water showing no fear

Ringed Plover trying to attract my attention
Emerald Damselfly
Now look left & right
Spot the Butterfly
Image turned and enlarged reveals a Comma

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