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Friday, 15 February 2008

9-02-08 Hulne Park

Northumbrian Birding
Saturday 9-02-08 we drove to Hulne Park on the outskirts of Alnwick ,tried our luck at the gatehouse for Hawfinch but with no luck, 4 Buzzards overhead gave good views,Bullfinch,Greenfinch,Long,Great, &Blue Tits in the area with Fieldfares over and Kestrel ,access is allowed to the park but only on foot there are some good walks although sometimes not much to see regards wildlife perhaps you have to get there early which is a problem as access is only after 11am,I have yet to see a Rabbit or even a sign of one ,I did find this Bat on the track not sure if it was predated those are its legs that look as though they have been pulled out and a view of the teeth and ears those flaps look like baffles perhaps to funnel sound, I should have kept it for the skull but had nothing to carry it in ,should always carry a body bag, a walk to the tower and around with Peacock on the way also a large flock of Siskin with some males singing also more Fieldfare & Redwings another look for Hawfinch but again no luck, we enjoyed the walk anyway and it was good to see the tower without the scaffolding a fine piece of work, also the new presume memorial garden with the stunning wrought & cast gates although the stones at the base looked very odd I thought someone had just stuffed them in, have a look for yourself they really are fantastic

This Bat looks fat to me me ,wings damaged and blooded legs
Those teeth look very sharp, ear baffles ?, and look how thick the fur is
The name escapes me for now Brizle Tower ?, well worth a look

The new gates
These are fantastic gates,but can't help but think if they where elsewhere they would be stolen for scrap, such is the world we now live in !!!
View from the gates looking West I think
This tree amazes me how it has grown on what looks like the bare rock
Finally stopped for a sunset shot on the way home


Blyth Birder said...

Cracking sunset pic.

Them Hulne Hawfinch seem to be getting harder to find?

Northumbrian Birding said...

Yes there where other birders there but none had been seen, Nad the gatekeeper was not around, always worth a look though.