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Tuesday, 5 February 2008

LInton Glaucous Gulls

Northumbrian Birding
Saturday 2nd of February checked out QEII lake for gulls never had a Med here yet but always have a look, most of the duck seem to favour the far end ,but the paths are a favourite for those minibikes so I only check it out now and again,I predict the next Ring-billed Gull will be on here,
as I drove towards Linton a field on the left held at least 1500 Pinkfeet but when I pulled in and carefully looked over the gate not a single one could be seen as they where just over a small rise which is just visible in the photo they had moved nearer the gate on my return.
I had not intended to spend the day at Linton but the gulls just kept coming in with eventually three Glaucous Gulls showing up
Believe it or not there are 1500+ Pinkfeet in this field but they are just over the dip and not a single one showing

Colour ringed 1st year Great Black Backed just can't make it out
1st year a much smaller bird
And this one much larger with pale eyelashes!!!!!!
And the 2nd/3rd Winter now thinking it's a 2nd not enough grey and no colour to the bill
The same bird in better light


The Editor said...

Brian, nice pics. Just wanted to let you know we have added a free link for you to our new site at Feel free to drop by.

Brian said...

Thanks for that.