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Saturday, 17 May 2008

11th May Flower Power

Sunday the 11th May another nice sunny day so we had a run out to look for some flowers and reacquaint ourselves with them ,the first Orchid of the year with I think an early Purple unable to get close without stepping on other plants I had to take the shot from some distance,any comments welcome,Herb Paris in flower and one or two others I still have to check for names.
Plenty of Spotted Flycatchers around today with 12+ birds singing (if you could call it that ) also Garden Warblers and two Wood Warblers ( still no photos ) with Blackcap, Wrens also Singing everywhere, how do they sing so loud for such a small bird , Long Tailed.Blue ,Great Tits two pairs of Dipper feeding young, several sightings of Nuthatch and Coal Tit.
Herb Paris in flower

Early Purple Orchid ?
One of the Mares Tails only a small number had these flowers is there male and female of these, as I have said new to flowers and there is a lot to learn, I will have to read up on these, very decorative plant when you see lots together. EDIT these are Horse Tails it was thought many years ago that these where the males of the plant and Mares Tails the female.
Dippers feeding young which where in the dark area.
Garden Warbler after singing just above us starting to collecting nesting material ,the grey on the side of the neck can just be seen


abbey meadows said...

I am not aware of female or male flowers in marestail. They do hybridise frequently but this one looks like field horsetail. The orchid is Early purple orchid but I can't see the leaves well which should be spotted. I'd like to know where the Herb paris shots were taken...excellent pics.

Northumbrian Birding said...

Yes thanks for that I had wrote it wrong,I sometimes write as a reminder to myself to check them out, Mares Tail a water plant, Orchid was to far away but as first for the year worth a shot,I had read up on it to check out ,not sure exactly where the Herb Paris was a friend showed me it along the North Tyne.