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Wednesday, 7 May 2008

2-05-08 The Pools

2-05-08 Had a drive up the coast first past Cresswell Pond ,still Goldeneye around, no sign of any Yellow Wagtails in the field just north of the pond , other than that with the water still very high no waders on the main area although the small pool looks good to the north, sometimes viewable from the Bridleway .
passing Bells farm or Hemscott as it Hill, a flock of Linnets, circled the field favoured by winter Twite,Druridge Pools 3 Heron, lots of Teal & Lapwings ,Sedge, Chiffchaff & Willow singing, near the screen (Budge) not much from the main pool water here also very high.
Hauxley Ross's Goose on the bank, Teal Gadwall. and a couple of Wigeon,also the Long Tailed Duck still around following a Shellduck,it rained very heavy so I was glad for the comfort of the new Tern hide, named because the Terns used to come in to bath and preen it was one of the best places to see Roseate away from the nest, but not it seems anymore
East Chevington and the same tale water very high, I am told it's draining slowly away, Redshank and Dunlin (thats one of each) the only waders I could see , plenty of Stonechats around the links ,a walk to the outflow and a Whimbrel on the shore my first for the year on the ground as it where, I digiscoped it and as I did a further 15+ dropped into a pool and immediately started to bath and preen , joined by the lone bird, they quickly flew off shortly followed by a large flock in off the sea easily 40+ and later another group of about 20, with lone birds calling trying to rejoin the main group
Willow Warbler very confiding bird I even Digiscoped it at a later date
Green Veined White along the path to the main pool

Redshank from the hide with the carpeted seats, not sure if it's axminster or wilton not very good at carpet ID, comfortable place to sit if you like to take photos, only problem is not much to see and what there is ,is a bit distant, there has been some very good birds here so still worth a visit. There is a list of Flowers in bloom ,and being newly into the subject I go off and look for those that are new to me.
Gadwall beside the carpet hide
Not one of my favourite places, it seems to have declined over the years , an opportunity missed for a really good reserve, I don't know what effect the large number of Canada Geese in the area has on the pools
Just a few of the Whimbrel coming over at East Chevington
Lone bird calling trying to pick up the flock

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