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Thursday, 31 July 2008

31-07-08 The end of July already !!!

Called in at West Hartford on the way to catch the rising tide at St Mary's, loads of small Skippers ,and Meadow Browns with Blue Tailed & Blue Damsels at the pool with Ruddy Darters, no sign of any larger Dragons, and only a few Lapwings and Gulls , House Martins & Swallows in small numbers, there was a message of Black Stork over Nelson about the time I was there but I had not seen it ,to busy looking down , that's life, last time I went looking for Dragons I got my feet soaked and had to seawatch in my bare feet as i tried to dry my socks and shoes, so today I had on my wellies, but two steps in trying to get a female Emperor laying , water filled my wellingtons to the top so much for that idea.The weather changed by the time I got to St Marys and there was not much on the rocks, report of Roseate yesterday, but nothing today a couple of Sandwich and young, so I left just as the rain started, spot on with the forecast today. Lots of Ragwort & lots of small Skipper

Azures mating
Female Emperor seems to spend all it's time egg laying
Overhead view, there are supposed to take on more the colour of the male as they get older.

Lesser Black -backed one smart gull, I was going to make a photo study of it, but it went out to sea, having been pestered by a Juvenile Herring Gull begging from anything that came near


Lynmiranda said...

Lovely photo of the Tortoiseshell butterfly, you are lucky to see one, I have not seen one this year at all and I cannot remember the last time I have seen a Tortoiseshell.

Northumbrian Birding said...

Thanks, now that you mention it not sure how many I have seen as I only photograph those that are nearby.