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Friday, 20 November 2009

Holywell,Big Waters, & St Mary's, blah ! blah! blah!

Another week of just visiting the ponds it's a way of getting out of the wind , Holywell was very quiet six Whoopers on as I arrived but again they took off in minutes.
A visit to Big Waters the water level the highest Iv'e seen the hides surrounded by water and the feeding station was also flooded which attracted two Little Grebes feeding on worms , it was rather surreal a family of Mute swans and 2 Grebes feeding below, Tree Sparrows, Blue Tits , Greenfinch, & Goldfinchas they hung from the feeders, Great Crested Grebe still around no sign of Otter or Kingfisher the water very murky.
Cycled to St Mary's in the winter sun , Water Pipit in the same area of the prom , a couple of Purple Sandpipers feeding on the seaweed wrack, about a dozen Gadwall and a few Teal on the wetland again was hoping the GWT would drop in here but no, from sun to dull in a matter of minutes today , nearly dark by the time I got home.
Six Whoopers just leaving Holywell , what happened to the days they used to roost here in good numbers, only one juvenile in with these.

Big Waters I had time to kill so set up the digiscope gear for the Little Grebes


Great Crested Grebe also Digiscoped

The Inevitable Tree Sparrow

I'm sure this must have happened before, the feeding station flooded allowing the Swans to swim in

Little Grebes finding plenty of drowned worms from within the feeding station , they came in several times while I was there

just a single Bullfinch going for the Niger seed

I think it could hear the camera, but wasn't sure

Just outside the hide .............

Bullfinch not coming too close

A Purple Sandpiper at St Mary's feeding on the huge pile of seaweed

Water Pipit still around


abbey meadows said...

Lovely Bullie shots birds.

Northumbrian Birding said...

Yes your right there, no matter how many times you see them ,it's still a treat !!!

shuan 8 pai said...

The picture of the bird looking at the camera is priceless. :)


Birding about Northumberland said...

Lovely shots of the Bullfinch

Northumbrian Birding said...

Thanks for the comments,I suppose the water level has dropped slightly by now, always worth a look here, good views of Siskin in the wimter months.