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Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Water Pipit......... n ......waders

Monday I went up for the Water Pipit it was showing well at the start of the prom, but is very flighty and you just cant get near it perhaps when it settles down I may get some photos , still a couple of Sanderlings with colour rings one has just the stub of its leg having lost it's foot cant see any rings on what is left but it was ringed on the right,also went to Holywell Pond for an hour or two but nothing new to report .
Tuesday and I had another run to the fish quay but looked for a few hours with no sign, so I dropped in at the boating lake the Barnacle Goose is well settled now coming to bread with the gulls and Mallards, again another look for Sanderling with rings on photographed a couple which I think I already have , the Water Pipit located easily enough but still no photos, it sat on the rocks for ten or so minutes in the late afternoon two Grey Wagtails also and later near the Dene 4 Grey Wagtails seemed to be going to roost there
Barnacle Goose Tynemouth boating lake

Fox on the wetland and lots of Teal ,was hoping for the Green Winged as they where showing well and the light fantastic

I do like to see Sanderling ........all the way from Iceland

Water Pipit keeping its distance which is a pity as it sat here for some time ,but by now it was very late in the afternoon


Stewart said...

A good deal further than Iceland Brian....

Northumbrian Birding said...

Yes Stewart I was referring to the colour ringed birds which at least were ringed on passage in Iceland, and seem to winter here each year