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Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Dolphins, Meds,Dragons and last of the Swift

Just some images from the past few days a bit of a mix, still trying to find Dragonflies but with not much luck, Big Waters had 2 Southern Hawker briefly, but the sun does not shine for long enough ,I fear most have died off already.
A spell Seawatching but more in the hope of Cetaceans from Snab Point on the 11th the sea fairly flat, and I picked out about six one mother with calf, Bottle Nosed Dolphins they moved around the bay for about an hour till they eventually moved off South at this point two or three breaching but turning sideways through the air it was good to watch. A pleasure boat which I later found out was The Balmoral fully laden with lots of people headed north ,probably an ideal boat to watch Dolphins from as it had a bit of height and looked stable.
Checked out the Med Gulls at Newbiggin and found 5 Juveniles and a total of 19 birds , looked in at Woodhorn Flash later that day 7 Med Gulls bathing in the fresh water, a partial albino Moorhen, but only a couple of Common Darters & 3 Wall Brown.
The last rather poor photo shows a Swift still present at the nest site on the morning of the 16th,just taken from the TV.
Bog Waters had large amounts of these Fungi
The same species but looking more interesting as it pushes its way through the moss and ground litter.
Lots of these small Hoverflies inhabit the flowers in the garden
3 Med Juveniles with a fourth to the right and a five on the beach ( with an injured leg)
A Mc had a total of I think 23 with 6 Juveniles in an early morning roost.
The Balmoral heading North to ?
This again I presume is a Leach
This Fungi had a leave like structure
Partial albino Moorhen at Woodhorn Flash
Silvery Y hiding in plain sight
Common Darter
Common Darter this one drawing heat from an old carpet that someone has dumped
Swift facing left, site entrance in the background and ceiling joist in the foreground.

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Glen Webber (Wildlife Photography) said...

Wow I've never seen a picture of an albino Moorhen (even partial) before. Awesome!