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Thursday, 12 August 2010

A Walk along the Wall 4-8-10

Last Wednesday the 4th I went along to the popular section of the Roman Wall between Housesteads and Steel Rigg. it was my intention to walk over to Bellcragflow , there was sunny periods early morning but by the time I got to Steel Rigg it was overcast , distances don't look to bad on a flat map but you forget just how hard it is to walk here , so I ended up walking part of the Pennine Way then heading back over to Steel Rigg via the level route , I only saw 2 Wheatears , and a Curlew it looked rather bleak for August, oddly I was there last year in late July and it was even bleaker with a howling wind from the West it was the night I paid £8 to camp and had to sleep in the car anyway.
Heading back home it really brightened up so I called in to Arcot Pond,thankfully not a sole around, 10 Heron and a few Mallard being the main birds around but I was looking for Dragonflies ,but all I found 2 teneral Common Darter, a usually very abundant species but not this year, still a few Blue Tailed Damsels, no sign of any Emperors etc: not having much luck this year with Dragonflies at all .
Greenlea Lough
Ideal Wheatear country but I only saw 2
Roman Wall snakes along the top and the level route takes you right over the fields ,actually it;s much easier doing it the other way around , so why didn't I !!!!!!!!
Looking South Crag Lough just coming in on the right
The famous Sycamore gap, with the ever present hiker on the skyline
Fresh looking Meadow Brown on Knapweed
Common Dater
Sneezewort with a head of Knapweed adding a bit of colour


Stewart J said...

Yo Brian, Bellcrag has been disapointing this last few weeks probably because of the weather, ever thought of driving to Stonehaugh and biking in or alternatively contact the FC office at Bellingham for permission to drive in! Road is gravelled but excellent for even the smallest of cars.

Northumbrian Birding said...

Thanks Stewart, The weather the past few weeks has been so dull, it's a fair drive from the coast,just to find it's even worse inland.