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Friday, 11 February 2011

Cycle along the coast 1-2-11

Tuesday 1st February just a slow cycle along the coast , can't have been very exciting  as I have nothing noted in my book , the beach at blyth was alive with Starlings using the playground as a  place to preen on a few singing away, lots of Black headed also feeding the scraps from fish & chips, no sign of any Med in with them. Along at the Seaton Sluice these Alpacas (also brown ones) ? looking rather odd on the coast, I'm sure I saw a note on the fence sometime ago saying if you want to feed them call into the house for a bag of food , great for the kids ,I think I spent most of the time talking  at the wetland hence no notes, it seems a sunny day anyway going off the photos , my memory is clogged with useless data wish I could get a reboot!!!


Johnnykinson said...

Starling images excellent.
That re-boot for humans.......i think they do it by kicking you up the backside, hence the re-boot thing. Not recommended.

Stewart said...

Looking at them photos Brian were you cycling along the coast of Patagonia!

Northumbrian Birding said...

Thanks Johnny I have improved my memory in the form of a new pencil for my notebook.
Stewart, I was going to say If my geography is correct the sea would be on the other side, but as I now know Patagonia crosses from ocean to ocean !!!!, anyway these were in the Donkey field along with some sheep. ( of unknown origin)