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Monday, 4 April 2011

Morpeth Circular Walk 1-4-11

Friday and its the 1st of April went up to Morpeth for a walk west along the river, passing through Carlisle Park over to the river then along to Scotts Gill woods back over towards Morpeth in a sort of circle.
near the Castle a a pair of nuthatch checking out a  tree hole Chiffs in good numbers thought I might get a Willow Warbler  but no , 2 grey wagtails near the stepping stones, Goldcrests calling but not seen , a pair of Goosander near the old bridge  and another  Grey wagtail, found the flowers I was looking for  in the woods, more Chiffs ,Wrens chasing each other around and singing frantically , had a look around the ruins of Newminster Abbey very overgrown area but they seem to be cutting back the ivy etc: I like  Morpeth it has some great walks in nearly every direction, talking to a dog walker he told me of a good site for Green Woodpecker which I will have to check out , I always find them a hard bird to get good views of !!!
 Toothwort pushing up through the leaf litter
 Wood Sorrell
 Butterburr all along the sandy river banks
 leaves bursting forth
 Yellow-star of Bethlehem, thanks to Nigel of  Abbey Meadows  blog for this one.
Sepals are as long as the petals
Some nice old trees around this one is hollow will check it out sometime for Bats

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